Q: What sets Better Block apart?

A: There are a few things that differentiate Better Block. Firstly we are the only professional knife sharpeners in San Diego that do their work by hand (read more in "How do we sharpen knives") We also have total pricing and process transparency and are focused on being as customer friendly as possible (same day service, same day cancellations/rescheduling, and an online (or phone or email) ordering process.


Q: How do we sharpen knives?

A: The traditional tools of the trade for professional knife sharpeners are the grinding wheel and belt sander. We don't like these tools for a number of reasons. It is really easy to remove more metal than is required which leads to a shorter lifespan of your knife. They can also burn your knife from friction heat and ruin the tempering of the steel. The finished edge also tends to be rough and saw-like on a microscopic level.

Instead of thinking in terms of speed we think in terms of quality. Each knife we sharpen has any damage/imperfections removed with a low grit diamond stone, then eight different grits of polishing stones are applied, and then the knife is stropped with a 1 micron diamond emulsion paste to leave a mirror-like, smooth, and incredibly sharp edge.


Q: What are your prices?

A: Prices are detailed on the appointments page.


Q: What is your service range?

A: Service range is detailed on the appointments page.


Q: Do you service businesses?

A: Of course! Give us a call at (858)210-0346 and we can discuss your needs. Better Block is in the process of launching a knife exchange program for commercial customers in addition to our normal sharpening services. Stay tuned or call to discuss!


Q: How about serrated knives?

A: Sure, serrated knives have a tapered diamond file passed through each serration and are then honed to remove the resulting burr. Your bread will never know what hit it. Note on serrated knives: Knives with "micro serrations" are unable to accept the file and cannot be sharpened.


Q: Do you sharpen ceramic knives?

A: Unfortunately, no.


Q: Will you sharpen my lawnmower/axe/chainsaw/katana/viking sword?

A: While we'd love to assist in your dream of becoming a lumberjack/samurai/viking warrior, we are just sticking to knives (for now!).


Q: Will Mike regale me with stories of his adventures motorcycling abroad?

A: If you ask him about it he won't shut up.

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