The Process

Better Block values your time. We don't think you should have to send your knives away in the mail or take time out of your day to drive them to a location for drop off. Our process is designed so you aren't without your kitchen tools for multiple days or even hours.


1) Complete an order online, or give us a call to schedule an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email after purchase and an email reminder 24 hours before service.

2) On appointment day, we will drive to your desired location. It could be your home, office, your traveling circus, it's all the same to us. You can leave the knives in an accessible, yet out of sight location (detail this location when prompted during checkout) or if you'll be home you can hand them to us.

3) We will hand sharpen your knives on location using diamond stones to 2200 grit. This will give the blade a polished, razor-sharp edge, most likely sharper than when new. We will then clean and sterilize the entire knife.

4) Once service is completed, we will either return the items to the location they were left for us, or hand them back to you in person.

5) Enjoy a much safer and more enjoyable experience in the kitchen!

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